We do not like tears, therefore, we do not use needles or blood samples

Saliva is enough

We have developed a test-tube kit where saliva is enough for DNA extraction. Your convenience is our highest priority.

3 easy steps for you

Commercial delivery


Order your genetic trait analysis directly from the webstore. After having placed an order you will receive your test kit within 5 days.


Once you have received your test kit follow the attached instructions to complete the test. When the test has been filled return the test to the labelled address. The return is free of charge and all you have to do is mail the test from your nearest post office.


Your test will be available 4-6 weeks after we have received your test. The analysis will be accessible through a secure link sent directly to your email. When you have received the link you are ready to discover/inspect your genetic predispositions.

From saliva to assessment, how?

When you choose to use our service at Pregenic, we need some data on your DNA. Specifically, we need to understand your nucleotides, which are also referred to as the letter of your genome, determining what your cells can and cannot do. This data can be obtained from the process referred to as genotyping, where we uncover the letters of your DNA at very specific places, known to have an influence on your health. Essentially, your DNA is turned into digital data, that we can analyse, using our state-of-the-art algorithm.

What is the internal process?

Get your saliva collection kit from Pregenic and activate your kit on our website. Afterwards, bring your filled saliva collection kit to the next post office and it will be shipped to our trusted partner lab.

In the lab your saliva will be processed plus the DNA extracted and genotyped with a recall rate of 99%. The genotyped data will be digitized and is ready for the analysis.

For the analysis we use two in-house developed algorithms. Firstly, we use a genetic marker matching algorithm and secondly a polygenic risk score algorithm with the view to generate an easy to read to report for you. 

How are we able to generate insights from the genotype data?

There are currently two primary ways to analyse genotyped genetic data if you want insights into your health. At Pregenic we combine Genetic Marker Matching and Polygenic Risk Scores.

Genetic Marker Matching compares your individual genetic variants, with the information uncovered in scientific literature regarding said variants. For each genetic variant a relative risk score will be provided. Polygenic risk scores consider up to many hundreds of different genetic variants contributing to development of a specific disease. The vast majority of genetic variants only have a miniscule contribution to disease. This why it is important to look at the big picture, since looking at single variants might not provide much insight. Different variants have different levels of contribution our algorithm takes this into consideration to provide you with one score regarding your risk of developing certain diseases.

What can I do with the assessment?

Knowing the relative risk of developing a disease is only part of the story. What’s important is what you can do about optimizing your health to account for your genetic predispositions. For this purpose, we are building a library of so-called “actionable insights”. With these, we provide you with simple things you can change in your lifestyle, to account for your genetic predispositions. The insights we provide you with, will always have a link to the scientific article we have retrieved them from, ensuring absolute transparency. Be aware, we strongly advice before you take any actions based on our assessment, please consult a doctor.

We want you to optimize your life, be healthier and have a better life while being smart about it.