Data annonymizer

Protect any sensitive information.

Simplify privacy preservation with an automated solution

Using state-of-the-art NLP technologies (Artificial Intelligence) to identify any sensitive information, which enables you to choose what content shall be anonymized. The tool will enable you to ensure GDPR compliance and privacy preservation. The program covers element such as:

  • Names
  • Emails
  • Addresses
  • Personal Identifaction Numbers
  • Certificates
  • Sums

The user will have full flexibility in choosing how they want to anonymize and pseudo-anonymize the identified features.


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One-click is all it takes

Simplicity is a key when it comes to data management and privacy preservation. Therefore,  you are only one click away from anonymizing information. Once the information in a document has been anonymized it can not be read by unauthorised. The user can create and save settings for future use.

Built also for enterprise applications

The techniques used allows the user to anonymize the information directly in your enterprise application. The solution works with any type of structured data to ensure that all information complies are compliant.
Support a range of common languages:
  • English
  • German
cloud, memory, storage medium

Data privacy for Pregenic's customers

Our product is deployed to protect the privacy of each customers genetic data. Hereby, the data can be stored safely while ensuring that it is non-traceable when Pregenic is analyzing a customer’s genotyped data.