With DNA insights
Your health is in your hands.

You can track your health in many ways. Now you can combine that information with an understanding of your genetic health profile.

₹ 10,999  get the blueprint of your body!

100 +

Health predispositions

Covering the following categories: diseases, mental diseases, appearance and other.

1000 +

Genetic variants

Providing a raw file with your DNA data mapping over 700,000 genetic variants.

1 %

Raw data accuracy

Ensuring very high input accuracy, to increase the results quality.

Polygenic risk scores

Utilizing our in-house developed machine learning algorithm to analyze your genetics.

Actionable Insights

Giving the latest research about health predispositions.

Genetic Counseling ​

We offer 1h free genetic counseling. Our experts are officialy certified genetic counselors and provide another layer of transparency.

I think the overview is pretty easy and simple. I think it is brilliant that you can search for a specific disease if there is anything you are personally worried about.

Lars, 26,
Alpha tester

It is a bit scary to see what diseases you could end up with, but that makes it quite motivating to start living healthier to avoid and prevent these diseases.

Amanda, 25,
Alpha tester

4 simple steps to discover your genetics

We will send you a DNA testing kit with a saliva collection tube
Fill the saliva collection tube
Return the package with the filled tube to our partner lab.
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Explore your DNA and start tailoring your lifestyle

Frequently Asked Questions.

Personal genomics can be used to predict a genetics based disease by looking at an individual’s genome. It is feasible to identify genetic variants that may increase the likelihood of an individual having a genetic based disease. 

We have a simple mantra, prevention is better than cure. 

We use a special sequencing technology which is called genotyping. The overall genotyping accuracy is 99%. For our prediction algorithm we use the state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm which is superior to simple genetic mapping and has been scientifically proven. 

We follow the strictest and most current solution in order to ensure data security. We comply with all legal standards and go even beyond. 

No, one having a high genetic risk for a disease is not enough to ensure that the disease will be manifested. For an individual to develop a clinical manifestation of a disease, several factors work in conjunction, including family history, personal habits, personal history and environmental factors.

Healthcare in India has traditionally followed a symptoms-based approach.
It offers the same treatments to everybody, even though everybody’s body is different and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Symptoms-based because it’s based on fixing problems, not preventing them.
Personalized health takes into account your genetic predispositions & current health (using labs) to address problems before they come up.

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